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Store Guidelines

Below are the general store guidelines for the Google Map SEO & Ranking Services eCommerce shop. We recommend that you review the store guidelines before making a purchase.

Customer Service

Our customer support staff is available 9AM – 5PM EST Monday – Friday. We offer phone support, email support, and live chat support. Please be aware, support is not available during US holidays and is limited on nights and weekends. 

For existing orders: please send a message through the with your order number FIRST. This is the best way to get support for your existing campaigns and projects. 

For pre-sales questions: please use our live chat or call our support line. 

All support is answered within 24 hours. If your need is immediate, please call our support line at listed on the top right of the website. 

Refunds & Exchanges

Please read this policy carefully. This is the Return and Refund Policy of Google Map SEO & Ranking Services.

Google Map SEO & Ranking Services tries to provide a flexible policy on refunds and exchanges. For purchased but unused packages, a store credit or refund can usually be processed without delay. For partially completed projects, a partial store credit for the value of the incomplete components of a project or campaign can be issued following a managerial review. 

Payments that are older than 6 months (180 days) will not be applicable for a cash refund. In the event that you no longer require the purchases, a store credit for the value of said purchases can be issued upon review. All refunds are subject to the deduction of payment processing fees and affiliate commissions as applicable. 

All individual refund guidelines are listed out on the sales pages, in the FAQ section of the page. Please review the refund policy for your particular package or project before making a refund request through our team. There are no refunds for completed projects, but we are happy to address any issues that you may have with a completed project. 

We do our best to make our agency partners happy and help them to grow and succeed. We offer store credits and exchanges for unused packages so that you can always get what you need for your clients’ SEO. If you would like to request a refund or exchange, please send an email to

Holiday Sale Credits – are non-refundable. Holiday sale credits are used to qualify for additional bonuses and services not available to other customers of Google Map SEO & Ranking Services. If you claimed, redeemed, or received holiday bonuses based on store credit or sale credit purchases all sales are final.


Several of our campaign options are ongoing monthly services. Please be aware that all subscriptions rebill on the purchase date every 30 days. Again, the billing date is set as the purchase date, even if you have not submitted info.

If you purchase a subscription but are not ready to use it, please email our team to pause your billing, or this can be paused through your payment platform’s recurring transactions portal. 

If you do not pause a subscription OR submit the campaign, a refund can only be processed for up to 6 months of payments.

Coupons, Sales, & Store Credit

We enjoy running a number of large sales during the year, many of which include huge prizes and bonuses to unlock.

Coupons: Most coupon codes, including those issued as prizes from sales, are single use codes. As a general rule, coupons are single use and will only apply to the first month of a subscription. Coupons, unless sitewide for sales, are tied to your user account for the store; please make sure that you are logged in when using your coupon codes. You will also not be able to use coupons with other discounts or codes, including store credits purchased during a sale.

Store Credits: Store credits are used like coupon codes and are a great way to take advantage of a sale discount, even if you aren’t ready to make a complete purchase. Store credits purchased with a sale code are considered discounted (although you will receive the full value above your discounted payment) and cannot be used with additional discount codes in the future. Credits purchased at a normal price are issued at the full paid value and can be used with other codes in the same way as cashback codes. *Disclaimer: Store credits purchased with account funds will be automatically refunded.

Cash Back: Cashback is another form of store credit. Cashback codes work just like cash and are commonly the only codes that can be used with other discounts or coupons.

Sales Discounts: All sale discounts will apply only to the first month of any recurring subscription service. For any multi-payment purchases (such as the 3-Pay Option for the Accelerated GMB) or monthly subscription services (such as Managed Search or Custom Signals) the sales discount code will be applied to the first month at checkout, and full priced billing will resume 30 days after the initial purchase date.

Bonuses & Freebies: Many of our sales include free giveaways and bonuses for predetermined sales thresholds. Spend thresholds for bonuses are calculated by the total spend AFTER discounts. All purchases made during the sale period will be combined for a total spend threshold for bonus levels. All bonuses, credits, and freebies are tallied and sent by email post sale.

Affiliate Commissions & Referrals:
We offer affiliate referral commissions for our qualifying agency partners. To apply for an affiliate account, submit your request through

Payouts: All sales will be tracked in your affiliate dashboard. Payouts are completed every 60 days. If you exceed $1000.00 in commission sales within the 60 day period, you may be eligible to receive your commission payout sooner. The affiliate referral rate is 15% on all valid sales made through your referral code.

We retain the right to hold payment at length, in the event that we have legitimate reason to suspect chargeback on the services purchased or other abuse of the affiliate commission service.

Commission Terms: All affiliate accounts are subject to the terms and regulations set forth by Google Map SEO & Ranking Services. The following disqualifications could result in cancellation of your affiliate account and delay or forfeiture of your outstanding commission.
Use of Affiliate Link to Purchase Products for Your Own Clients/Agency
Not Valid on Bulk Products or Otherwise Highly Discounted Services
Not Valid on Store Credits

Cookies Policy: Cookies are valid for 10 days from the day your affiliate link is used. Any sales made within the 10 day period will qualify towards your affiliate commission payout.

Payment Methods

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal. Payments should be made through Stripe or PayPal from the website. We do not accept Amazon Pay, Bitcoin, Money Order, or COD Payments. All payments must be cleared before a project can be started.

Tax Information

Google Map SEO & Ranking Services is a SEO provider, a business entity. As such, we receive 1099k forms through our payment platforms, PayPal and Stripe. We do not accept 1099 forms from customers. We are classified as an Online Service, not a subcontractor. Your payment platform or banking institution should be responsible for providing you with the appropriate tax documentation at the end of the year. You can also get this info directly through Stripe or PayPal.

Bulk Inquiries

Also as a white label wholesaler, we do large volume recurring orders for agencies on a regular basis, including custom campaigns and ongoing discounts. Bulk discounts start at a minimum of 10 clients or $2500/month spend. If you are interested in learning more about the bulk discounts and onboarding qualifications, please ask about our Agency Partnership program.



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