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Google Map SEO Service – GMB Local Business Optimiztion & Ranking

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Best SEO Company

#1 SEO Services Agency in USA, Australia, Canada & UK.

#1 SEO Services Agency in USA, Australia, Canada & UK.

If you’re looking for the best SEO company for your business, Google Map SEO is the perfect choice. We have over two decades of experience in the SEO industry, and we know exactly how to help your website and map rank.

If you’re looking for the best SEO company for your business, Google Map SEO is the perfect choice. We have over two decades of experience in the SEO industry, and we know exactly how to help your website and map rank.


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Google Map SEO Service - Get a Higher Rank on Your Local Search Engine

Google My Business is now called the Google Business Profile. Overall, you can’t expect people to locate you if you’re not listed in local search (maps and directions).
GMB is a free tool from Google which helps business owners manage everything about their online presence. Having a GMB listing is crucial to getting local exposure. However, you require an appropriate business profile so that all relevant searches performed about your company show up-to-date data about you.
In a sense, you need Google Map SEO. Local Google My Business optimization is the first method to getting your business name out there so that potential customers can find you.
Google Map SEO
Google Map SEO

What Is Google My Business (GMB or GBP)?

You’ve got many Google tools at your disposal, and Google My Business is one of them. This is technically a directory, but it’s often seen as a powerhouse to drive local traffic to your site. If your company hasn’t claimed its Google Business Profile yet, it needs to do so immediately!

It’s free, and when you consider Google My Business optimization, you see more exposure because you rank higher in the local map 3-pack. In fact, it’s suitable for dispensaries, real estate offices, auto dealers, hotels, and so many businesses.

Overall, your business profile must include business hours, business name, and other helpful business information so that you are shown in the Google local map pack. If you aren’t available in local search, you’re missing out on tons of new potential customers.

However, it’s hard to do it alone. You may have your business account with the search engine, but you’re unfamiliar with Google My Business SEO. It’s not just focused on the business name and physical location. You also require positive reviews and an understanding of the ranking factors needed.

Google My Business optimization helps you be found by potential customers in their Google searches.

We can help you find and claim your GMB listing, set up your GMB profile, complete all sections involved, and write your description. Our Google local business SEO brand is here to assist you.

What Is the Local 3-Pack in the Google Search Engine?

When people perform a local intent search, they often use terms like “in [city]” or “near me.” The Google Maps feature shows the top three listings on the search engine result page. This is called the 3-pack.

You want to be at the top of Google Maps listings (both in the search results and in the 3-pack) so that you’re marketing yourself efficiently.

Did you know that there are eight different ranking factors to rank higher on Google Maps? They include:

Google Map SEO

Why Is It Important to Be Seen in the Google Local Pack, and Why Should You Do SEO fot it ?

The Google local pack is the top three local search results, and you can easily optimize your Google Business Profile to be found there. To do that, you must include great content, be mobile-friendly, and show connections to your community. These things ensure that your business ranks higher.

When your listing (you google map) shows in the local pack, you see more customers and organic traffic. Overall, Google My Business optimization is more cost-effective and crucial compared to other online marketing and advertising methods.

Why’s It So Important, Though?


Here are the top reasons to consider Google Map Listing SEO from Google Map SEO:

High ROI – When your company is optimized for local searches, you generate more revenue because more customers find your business in the local area

Higher Rankings in SERPs – Companies that rank higher often see more traffic than those that rank lower. However, it’s hard to be at the top without expert help. Our Google Local Business listings SEO is here to assist!

Brand Awareness – More people search for keywords that fit your company, so they discover your brand. That helps you stand apart from the crowd, and the competition can’t beat you as easily.

High Conversions – The keywords we help you target are considered high -converting, so you get more valuable traffic without spending more on PPC and Google AdWords

Does It Work?

Roughly four out of five consumers use a search engine to find local businesses. About 58 percent of them are performed on a mobile device, and that number is set to grow. Google Maps marketing is an effective way to get more phone calls, new traffic, and people at your physical address.

However, people need to know your business hours and other business information before they can make a decision. That’s why Google Business Profiles are so important!

Yes, a Google My Business profile works. Why should you do SEO for it? Most people aren’t digital marketing geniuses and need help. You may have a few negative Google reviews or virtually no business visibility from the search engines. That’s where we come in!

We get to know your primary category, make sure your physical address is included, input your regular and holiday hours, and upgrade your business page and cover photo. Other businesses have already done this and have seen search success. Now, it’s your turn!

How Does Google Determine Your Local GMB Ranking?

Generally, Google ranks the local listings by relevance, distance, and prominence. Therefore, a combination of these local ranking factors helps it find the overall best match for someone’s local search request.

For example, Google might find a relevant business farther away from the searcher’s location, so it’s ranked higher than one closer to the person.

Let's focus on the local ranking factors more to understand how they affect you.

Google Map SEO


Relevance focuses on how well the ocal business profile matches the search query someone enters. Your business listing should contain helpful information and appropriate keywords to ensure that you're found when searches apply.

Google Map SEO


Distance focuses on how far the potential result is from the location term utilized in the search. Sometimes, searchers don't include a specific location, so Google uses information about the person's location to determine distance.

Google Map SEO


Prominence focuses on how well- known the company is. Sometimes, it uses offline factors to judge this. For example, famous museums, landmarks, and well-known retailers often appear higher in the results.

Google Map SEO

What We Do

When you choose our Google My Business optimization service, we focus on your business profile and business visibility.

You’ve got a business category, and we make sure that the business page reflects that. We also add your brick-and-mortar location, contact phone number, and whatever else we can so that customers find you.

Digital marketing is our primary goal, and there are plenty of free tools that Google offers to get things done. SEO for Google Business is what we do. Make sure you have accurate information, enable messaging on your business profile, and be found in direct searches more easily.

With our map pack SEO, you can find loyal customers and gain access to people who truly want what you offer. Your business page can shine with team photos and so much more!

How Do You Improve Your Local Map Ranking on Google?

Our business optimization service can help you optimize your Google My Business profile to give you more domain authority. Here is what we offer:

Fix and Find Duplicate Business Listings

Prominence focuses on how well- known the company is. Sometimes, it uses offline factors to judge this. For example, famous museums, landmarks, and well-known retailers often appear higher in the results.

Google Map SEO
Google Map SEO

Why Do They Matter?

Duplicate GMB listings aren’t necessarily a negative ranking factor in and of themselves. However, they might force you to compete with yourself to be located on Google Maps. Often, when there’s a duplicate listing, it lacks posts, reviews, and information, so it’s neglected.

Google doesn’t know which listing is the one you prefer, so it might choose a less manicured version, causing you to be ranked lower.

Plus, duplicate listings go against the Google Business Profile guidelines. If you don’t merge the extras, your listings could be suspended altogether. Before merging or deleting old ones, ensure that you don’t have reviews to migrate over to the true listing.

Our Google My Business optimization company can help you merge things so that you have one business page!

Use These Tips to Improve the Profile

When a business rises in local search rankings, it pushes others down the list. Therefore, local map SEO and optimization can give you an edge, helping prospective customers choose and find your company over the competitors.

You now understand the benefits of local SEO. Google Maps is your friend, and we are offering simple steps to help your business shine and show up in the local search listings. These include:

Add Photos


Photos are a great way to give potential customers an inside view of the business so that they’re inspired to visit in person. You should always have a logo and photo, but we recommend adding these image types:

Google Map SEO

Exterior Photos – Capture the storefront from various angles so that it’s easy for people to recognize your company. Upload photos of daylight and nighttime hours for the best results.

Interior Photos – Show people what it’s like inside the store. When you capture the atmosphere, they’re sure to visit!

Product Photos – Share pictures of your popular items.

Action Photos – Showcase the staff interacting with customers, providing excellent service, and helping them pick a gift.

Food/Drink Photos – If you’re in the hospitality industry, show photos that make people drool and start craving what you cook.

Common Areas – Do you have a beautiful lobby or cozy couches in the bookstore? Show others what it’s like to be at your location.

Team Photos – Upload pics that highlight your team’s personality. People like that personal touch because it helps them feel like friends before walking in the door.

Make sure the format is JPG or PNG. Size the photos to be anywhere from 10 KB to 5 MB. You should also geo-tag the GMB photos. That allows you to add geographical info, such as longitude and latitude.

Overall, location metadata helps the search engine associate that picture with a particular location. This matters because people tend to add location-based words to the search query, such as “times square” or “gift shop.” 

Google Map SEO

Add Products and Services

Add products and services to the GMB profile to help you showcase various offerings and boost customer interaction. That is very helpful when your company name doesn't adequately describe what you provide.

As far as SEO Google Maps ranking goes, that accurate information lets Google evaluate your business and how well it matches the search intent.

Google Map SEO

Engage with Customers

Your GMB profile now has appropriate business information, so you're ready to create an engaging and rich experience for everyone. You do that by posting to the GBP regularly. It's similar to posting on social media and keeps everyone updated on what's happening.

The posts expire after seven days, so it's best to publish once a week. You're not trying to get as many articles as you can here.

Google Maps Marketing & Local Maps SEO

Local pack search results often depend on prominence. We talked about that a little earlier. This is how trusted, well-known, and talked about your business is within the community. Google uses these factors to determine that:

Google Map Citations

These are any mentions of the business online. Often, they include your company name, phone number, and address. The most common are directories like Manta. com,, and your Google Business Profile. However, Google also counts other citations, such as from event listings, newspaper sites, and blogs.


Business reviews are critical here. What do people say about your company on Yelp, local business publications, and TripAdvisor? Google counts the review generation to find quality ones to determine how the site ranks.


Getting links to your site from well-established and local websites is the final component of the algorithm. These include the Chamber of Commerce, educational sites, local news, and more.

Overall, the competition mostly relies on citations to get in the 3-pack. We guarantee to increase your online visibility because of our strategic approach. In fact, we use various means to boost your presence online by focusing on prominence, brand relevance, and more. Let us create powerful signals to build authority and trust for your brand. 

Why Is Google Maps Marketing Crucial?

Google Maps marketing is on the rise for all business types because mobile usage is increasing.

1 – The digital environment focuses on the mobile device, and 80 percent of users have a smartphone.

2 – More than half of the Google searches are performed on a mobile device to find local information, products, services, and businesses.

3 – Google Maps is featured prominently for mobile users, so Google My Business optimization helps with advertising exposure.

4 – Google search focuses primarily on local searchers who want products and services in their areas. Beyond marketing, Google Maps displays tons of information, such as driving directions and customer reviews.

Overall, your business profile requires Google listing SEO. We have the best techniques available to increase visibility in those 3-pack listings. When you choose our Google Maps SEO services, you’re doing so much more for your company because you connect searchers to what they need.

What's GMB Optimization?

Google Maps optimization is an excellent marketing strategy that focuses on you building a good reputation for your brand by optimizing your GMB listing for local search results.

When you outsource this service to us, you can reach more people in your local market. Overall, your local company information is found in the local results by someone in your area.

Having a strategy is crucial for promoting products and services available in a local area because the 3-pack appears under the Google AdWords ads and above the organic search results. It’s easier for people to find you without having to scroll or use ads (which most searchers are wary of).

While people still use computers and laptops, many are on mobile devices while they search. It’s easier for them to read reviews before deciding to do business with a brand.

Google has cornered the market because it understands the local search intent of the audience better than any other search engine. Then, it displays those local results toward the top of the page so that customers get what they need without scrolling through irrelevant or unwanted information.

Our strategies can help your website perform better and see organic results. That means you’re not paying to be at the top of the page. You don’t have to know how to rank high in Google Maps because we are here to assist you!

If You Do Nothing,
You Will Fall Behind

The rules for web design have ultimately changed, so now you must have a mobile-friendly site or get penalized by Google. However, the regulations for local search have also been modified to raise the bar.

There is no reason for you not to invest in Google My Business and SEO. Overall, local SEO makes your site and business more accessible to everyone.

With an appropriate business profile, you can improve your Google My Business ranking and see up to 95 percent more traffic to your website. However, you can’t do that alone. We offer our business optimization service to promote better local SEO and local ranking options so that you’re found on local search in Google Maps. 

Google Map SEO

You want your customers to find you fast, whether you’re a locksmith, plumber, electrician, garage door repair specialist, or someone else. These people are searching for someone immediately and likely plan to make a phone call soon. Your Google Business Profile helps them determine if you’re what they need.

A few years ago, most companies weren’t focused on optimizing for local searches. However, you now have to run faster to keep your current rankings or fall behind.

Have you asked yourself, “How does Google rank my business?” That same feature and free tool that helps you locate what services you need is what searchers use to find businesses to assist them!

Google Map SEO

Raise Your Business to the Top of the Google Map Pack by Google My Business Optimization & Ranking

You want to be part of that Google Map pack, and that requires Google My Business optimization. We can help you take action directly on the business listing, but there are other optimizations we offer to produce a higher Google My Business ranking.

Responsive Website

You need a responsive website that functions consistently across all screens and devices. The GMB listings contain a link to your site with key information searchers need. If it goes to a place that requires zooming and pinching or is slow to load, people click off and don’t stay, which lowers your star ratings.

Google Map SEO
Google Map SEO

Local Keywords

Your website can also help to boost your ranking on Google Maps by being targeted for local search. This ensures that you rank higher in Google Search and influences your business listing.

Make sure you’re using location-based keywords on the main pages of the site, including the blog, service pages, contact page, about page, and homepage. However, you should avoid keyword stuffing, which is where you add words that don’t ultimately match what your business offers.

Whenever possible, add relevant keywords to your headings, image tags, body text, URLs, captions, and meta descriptions.

Embed Google Maps on the Site

Embedding a map on the site is another great way to rank higher in Google Maps. Most companies do that on the contact page. Just make sure that you use the same address here as on the Google Maps listing. We can help you, so don’t fear!

Google Map SEO
Google Map SEO

Optimize Your Google Business Profile

It’s easy to get your business profile displayed; you only require a description, business hours, photos, categories, payment types accepted, and a few other things. However, your goal is to improve your GMB ranking, and that’s where we come in.

Our GMB optimization services help you find relevant keywords, verify your business, use Google Search Console, and so much more. Let us be of assistance, and call today!

Quick Steps List

We’ve thrown a lot at you already about business profiles, so let us take a breath and recap:
Google Map SEO

Leverage Our GMB SEO Team for Better Local SEO Ranking Outcomes

Everyone knows that it’s crucial to focus on local SEO. Google My Business is at the heart of that. However, most people don’t understand Google My Business optimization or what it means for them. Each company is different, so we’re here to help you:

Struggling to Get Your Google My Business Rank in the 3-Pack? Our GMB SEO Designed for Local SERP Increases

There are just so many reasons to consider our business optimization service. Google can be your best friend or your worst enemy, and it all comes down to your Google Business Profile being on Google Maps (or not).

Can people find your business location? If not, you require a Google My Business optimizer, and we’ve got the top tools and techniques to help you rank on Google Maps.

Why should you choose us? We offer:

Expertise – Our dedicated team has been helping people place on top of Google Maps for many years

Experience – We’ve helped many local companies grow conversions and leads through optimization.

Stress-free – Our strategies help you boost your Google My Business ranking so that you have more qualified calls.

Insightful Reports – It’s easy to track SEO performance for your business profile and website with our helpful comprehensive reports.

Google Map SEO

Start Your Local SEO Monthly Campaign Here...

To stay ahead of the curve in local SEO and offer the most powerful results, we updated our Monthly GBP Campaigns with additional locally relevant services based on SEO tests by the SEO Mad Scientist – you can be sure our Google Maps SEO campaigns incorporate what’s working now…

+ Add Organic Website SEO To Any Campaign With Our NEW SEO Add-On

Maximize your outcomes by integrating our website local SEO campaigns with organic SEO efforts!

We’ve taken our organic optimization to the next level, delivering even more exceptional results. To enhance your campaign, just select the SEO Add-on option from the dropdown menu while adding Monthly GBP to your cart. It’s that simple!!

Basic Level

Monthly GBP Seo

Guranteed To Increase Local Visiblity
Google Map SEO

Basic Monthly GBP Seo

Improve Your Maps Visiblity

From $959/Mo

Monthly Local Visibility Reporting

GBP Entity Optimization & Local Schema

For Low Comp Markets Under 250K Population. Our Monthly Local SEO Option Increases Your Entity’s Maps Visibility, Guaranteed

Core Level

Monthly GBP Seo

Guranteed To Increase Local Visiblity
Google Map SEO

Core Monthly GBP Seo

Includes Local Community news Posting

From $1359/Mo

Everything in the Basic plus these Advanced Tactics

More Niche, Local and Brand Signals Necessary for Maps

For Mid Comp Markets 250K to 500K Population. Our Monthly Local SEO Option Increases Your Entity’s Maps Visibility, Guaranteed

Ultimate Level

Monthly GBP Seo

Guranteed To Increase Local Visiblity
Google Map SEO

Ultimate Monthly GBP Seo

Now W Geo Hub Pages and Local Link

From $1890/Mo

Everything in the Core GBP plus all New Maps Tactics

New On-Page Tactics to Increase Your Maps

For High Comp Markets 500K to 1.5M Population. Our Monthly Local SEO Option Increases Your Entity’s Maps Visibility, Guaranteed

Xtreme Level

Monthly GBP Seo

Guranteed To Increase Local Visiblity
Google Map SEO

Xtreme Monthly GBP Seo

Includes Paid Citations and signals

From $2688/Mo

Everything in the Ultimate plus Paid Citations and Advanced Local Link Building

Front-loaded for the Quickest Maps Wins

For the Most Xtreme Markets 1.5M Population+. Our Monthly Local SEO Option Increases Your Entity’s Maps Visibility, Guaranteed

Front-Load Your Local Maps Campaigns For Faster Results

Bundle Our 1-Time Maps Visibility Booster With A Monthly Campaign

Basic Level


Front-loaded for faster results

Google Map SEO

Basic Local Maps Boost W/ Monthly GBP SEO

Front-loaded for faster results

$799 1 Time Boost

*plus GBP SEO Monthly*

Our Monthly Local SEO Option Increases Your Entity’s Prominence, Relevance and Maps Visibility, Guaranteed

Core Level


Front-loaded for quicker maps wins

Google Map SEO

Core Local Maps Boost W Monthly GBP SEO

Front-loaded for quicker maps wins

$1099 1 Time Boost

*plus GBP SEO Monthly*

Our Monthly Local SEO Option Increases Your Entity’s Prominence, Relevance and Maps Visibility, Guaranteed

Xtreme Level


Front-loaded for quickest maps wins in 30 to 60 days

Google Map SEO

XTREME Local Maps Boost W Monthly GBP SEO

Front-loaded for quickest maps wins in 30 to 60 days

$1599 1 Time Boost

*plus GBP SEO Monthly*

Our Monthly Local SEO Option Increases Your Entity’s Prominence, Relevance and Maps Visibility, Guaranteed

Frequently Asked Questions

People Also Ask

We know we’ve been throwing tons of information at you about our GMB optimization service to boost your Google business listing in the local search results. If you’ve still got concerns, this section can answer questions you might still have!
What's a Google Map Listing?
A Google Business Profile is the free business listing that helps you show up on Google Maps and in local searches. You fill in basic information, such as your business location and phone number, so that others can find details as needed without having to contact you.
Does Google Maps Marketing Improve Your Brand Image?
Yes, it can, but the methods and techniques used differ because your business is unique. Overall, Google Maps marketing can only be effective when it fits your brand. However, such a campaign can improve your image by increasing the visibility and awareness of your company.
How Much Time Does It Take to Get a Higher Local Ranking?
It’s hard to estimate how much time it might take because there are various factors to consider. However, our team works with you to ensure that it happens as soon as possible.
How Does The Service Work?

The way our managed SEO Campaigns work is that each month, we work on your campaign tasks according to our published SEO and Online Visibility strategy for the campaign. Our service is comprehensive and moves from technical SEO to on-page SEO to off-page SEO. Each campaign has a strong element of content marketing, social media traffic, and digital branding which compliments the traditional SEO elements.

As tasks are started and completed, you can follow along with the progress with real-time access to the project workbook. We monitor your keywords closely and provide a view key that you can access to see your rankings at a glance. Every asset or deliverable that we create comes with a complete report and 100% access.

Will You Look At My Site And Tell Me What I Should Do?

No, we will not look at your site and tell you what needs to be done. If you are our DFY SEO client we WILL look at your site and do what needs doing. If you need assistance selecting the appropriate competition level for your campaign please use our Competition Level Selector and if you need even more help ask us in live chat or email us at

What Happens If I Cancel My Monthly Subscription?

Nothing will happen to any existing optimization that was already completed. Your links, social accounts, citations, created content all belong to you after they are paid for. If you cancel we simply complete any existing tasks that you may have outstanding and close your subscription. Please note if you cancel when this service is closed to the public, you will have to wait until it opens back up.

Is There A Monthly Contract?

No, absolutely not! If you cancel prematurely or decide to go a different route, we will never hold you to a contract. Everything we do is month-to-month. Please note: in order to cancel, please contact us via chat, email, or phone. You must send us notification at least 48 hours before the next month’s payment. Cancellation requests less than 48 hours before the next month’s payment will incur a 15 percent fee of the total subscription price.

Our Local Visibility Guarantee For Monthly GBP SEO

We guarantee an increase in at least one tracked metric/KPI listed below within 120 days!


Our only exclusion is for campaigns where we identify a possum issue during setup and report this in the audit line item. We do not offer any guarantee for Possum-filtered listings that we identify during setup. 


Our guarantee is as follows:


Basic GBP SEO Campaign: we will improve local visibility for low comp markets under 250K population.


Core GBP SEO Campaign: we will improve local visibility for mid comp markets 250K to 500K population.


Ultimate GBP SEO Campaign: we will improve local visibility for high comp markets under 500K to 1.5M population.


Xtreme GBP SEO Campaign: we will improve local visibility for the largest markets exceeding 1.5M+ population.


Tracked Metrics:
GeoGrid rank tracking
Local KW rank tracking
MoM or YoY Insights:
Visibility On Maps via GMB API
Visibility On Search via GMB API
Driving Directions
Phone Calls
Website Visits


If we fail to improve at least one of the tracked metrics within the time listed we will pause billing and continue with the campaign until improvement is made.


We guarantee that your top 3 keywords will be ranked in the 3 packs of maps for at least a 1.5 mile radius in 6 months, or we will pause payment and work for free on the listing until they do. 

I am working hard but never reach the 3-pack

Despite our overwhelming success with Google My Business Optimization services, there are over 100 local ranking factors that come into play. you can learn more about these factors on Moz’s blog post here.


Here are some reasons you may not reach the 3-pack:


  • Not having an address in the city you are trying to rank for (Local Maps reward local businesses)
  • Not ranking high enough organically in blended algorithm maps results (Rank = Prominence)
  • Previous spammy link building to your business GMB listing (Don’t spam Google!!)
  • Multiple Businesses with similar names, associations, owners, or addresses in close proximity.
What If I Already Have Citations Or Branded Social Media Profiles?

Simply submit a list of existing accounts or citations when you submit your campaign information and we will replace those accounts or listings with alternatives. We try to avoid building duplicates so we ask that you please try to be as precise with this information as possible. If you do not have a list of existing citations or accounts we will do our best to search for existing accounts before we build but there is no guarantee we will find them all.

Do You Track Local Map Rankings?

Yes we use a rank tracker to track up to 5 local keyword variations that pull a map result. We allow you to submit 5 main target keywords per campaign and use variations of those. You receive a view key for the duration of the project that you can use to monitor and measure performance KPIs. We also provide monthly GeoGrid reports for up to 5 target terms.

What Are My Options For Giving Access To My Google Business Account?

We cannot work on your GMB order without access to your account. There are two options for allowing us the access we need to optimize your account. First, you can choose to supply our team with your Google login credentials associated with your GMB account. You may also choose to create a new Gmail and make that a manager of the page and then provide us with access to that Gmail instead. Additionally, please make sure that your two-step verification is turned off, as we cannot start an order with this in place. No matter how you choose to give us access to your account, don’t forget about supplying the recovery info!

What If The NAP Details Change During The Project?

A consistent NAP is still very important to local rankings. If your NAP details change during the course of the campaign there will be an additional fee required to change or update any work already completed.

What is Google SEO business listing?

Google SEO Business listing or Google My Business (GMB) is a listing on Google Maps that appears when customers search for information. Say for example, if a customer searches for your business name or a service related to your business, the listings that appears is the Google My Business. It allows you to update all the contact information, so that potential customers can get all the information to contact and talk to you about your products and services.

Why is google maps critical for local business?

In 2014, a mere 45% of mobile phone users ventured into the realm of the internet. Fast forward to 2019, and this figure had surged by nearly 20%, with approximately 63% of mobile users now relying on their devices for immediate information and solutions.

Consider this: A person on the go, perhaps headed home with a sudden urge to buy a cake for his daughter, swiftly reaches for his mobile phone in search of the nearest cake shops. If your business happens to secure a spot in the top 3 of the local pack, rest assured that this prospective customer will likely choose to visit your shop over any other. However, it’s crucial to note that proximity alone won’t suffice. Even if your business is in close proximity, a competitor with higher rankings will easily overshadow it.

Here are some additional compelling reasons why Google Maps Marketing is indispensable for your enterprise:

Approximately 50-60% of Google searches revolve around discovering local businesses.

Listing your business on Google Business can substantially boost website traffic and foot traffic to your physical location.

An impressive 60% of local business searches are conducted via smartphones and tablets.

Most searches conducted through these mobile devices are specifically aimed at locating nearby businesses and services.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is a strategic approach to search engine optimization (SEO) that enhances your business’s visibility in local search results on platforms like Google. It’s particularly advantageous for businesses with physical locations or those serving specific geographic areas.

How Does Local SEO Differ from Traditional SEO?

National SEO typically targets keywords related to products or services without geographic qualifiers. In contrast, local SEO focuses on similar keywords but with the aim of being discoverable within a specific local area.

Is Investing in Local SEO Worthwhile?

Absolutely. Beyond improved search rankings, local SEO offers several other benefits:

  • It drives more foot traffic to your physical location.
  • It enhances online visibility, attracting new customers.
  • Optimizing Google Maps and Google My Business can generate more direct calls, leads, and sales.
What is the Cost of Local SEO?

The cost of local SEO campaigns varies, typically ranging from $650 to $5000 per month. The specific cost depends on your business’s needs, competition level, geographic location and if its combined SEO of both website and GPB.

Who Should Consider Local SEO?

Local SEO is invaluable for businesses that provide quick problem-solving solutions. This includes professionals like plumbers and electricians, among others.

Who Benefits from Local SEO and Why?

Local SEO offers numerous advantages for businesses. It drives potential customers to your website, improves conversion rates, and research shows that 32% of local searches result in sales, highlighting its role in boosting sales.

How much does local SEO cost per month?

Small scale SEO pricing packages range between $500-$1000 per month. Comprehensive Local SEO services can be as much as $4,000 per month. Most businesses have budgets that range from $500/month to $10,000/month.

What Are the Key Aspects of Local SEO?

Local SEO typically involves tasks such as identifying local keywords, optimizing your Google My Business profile, and ensuring consistent “NAP” (Name, Address, Phone Number) citations across online platforms.

Who uses SEO the most?

Here are eight main industries that receive the highest ROI by utilizing effective SEO solutions in their marketing strategies:

– Professional Services.
-Home Repairs/Renovations.
– Medical Practices. 
– Online Businesses.
– Real Estate.
– Multi-Location.
– Restaurants.
– Pet Services.

How Important Are Google Posts for Local SEO?

Google Posts are critical for improving a business’s visibility in Google’s database. Neglecting to optimize your Google My Business (GMB) profile can harm your online visibility and trustworthiness on search engine results pages (SERPs).

Is SEO More Effective Than Google Ads?

if you need long-term outcomes, SEO is the option to go for with your firm. On the other hand, if your firm is relatively new and would like to focus on faster results, Google Ads is a perfect choice.

What Can You Do to Rank Higher on Google Maps?
There are a few things you can do on your own to rank higher, such as properly listing the business, adding videos and photos, and responding to all reviews. However, most people find that isn’t enough, especially if they’ve just set up their profile. Instead, you may use our Google Maps SEO services to promote yourself faster and better than you could do alone.
How Do You Fix an Incorrect Listing?
If the Google Map listing is incomplete or inaccurate, you can log into your account, navigate to “My Places,” click “Maps,” tap “Listings,” and choose “Edit.” Save any changes you’ve made! We realize that it might not be as simple for you, such as if you’ve got duplicate listings and other issues. Therefore, our Google Maps SEO services can handle everything for you.
What Are Some Mistakes People Make When Optimizing Google Maps?

Here are a few mistakes people tend to make:

Having false listings
Keyword stuffing in your business name area
Using more than three categories
Having an incorrect business category
Using multiple locations with different titles and the same address when they’re not separate businesses
Not keeping the address the same on the GMB listing as on your website
Not ensuring that the phone number and name are the same for all other listings
Violating the GMB terms in some way
Having a website that links to malware or viruses
Using map markers that aren’tdoing quality work or ethical seo work

What Services Are Included?

Our approach to search optimization combines strong digital branding strategies with white hat link building and outreach strategies. 
A complete list of all deliverables and everything we create or build can be found here.

What Is The Turnaround Time?

There is no stated turn around time. The Gantt progress chart shows the work that we will perform and the order that we will perform it in. We will progress through each task listed for the month – barring any delays due to account access issues or 3rd party platform issues that we can not be responsible for – otherwise, the stated tasks will be delivered promptly.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

There is no refund after work is performed, otherwise, you can contact us anytime for a full refund on any tasks not started.

How Long Does It Take To Start Seeing Results?

Most clients are reporting seeing gains within only weeks of campaigns starting, but there is no way to pinpoint an exact date. But because these are some of the best methods, the results always outperform anything you would get from lesser quality providers. Results are always going to be dependant on many factors, including the condition and health of your site and backlink profile as well as the general competitiveness of the niche and search terms.

Can I Call Or Skype For A Consultation? Can I Do It Before I Place My Order?

Yes you can get a custom consultation about your project or campaign, even if you are not an existing customer, for FREE.
You can call us, use website chat or reach us on skype 

Which Email Do I Use For If I Have Questions?

If you have any questions about your order please email

How Many Accounts Or Citations Do You Build?

A complete list of all deliverables and everything we create or build can be found here.

What Is Recovery Info And How Do I Supply It?

Recovery info is a Google security measure, which allows you to provide a backup email and phone number which you can use if you are ever locked out of your account. As a security measure, it adds another step for anyone trying to access your account without permission. Recovery info is important for our team, as much of the work will be done from locations that are generally not where your last login occurred, causing Google to enact the security measure. 
You can read our complete refund policy and store policy here:

Are There Any Niches You Cannot Create Descriptions For?

Because we use AI generated content in order to provide unique descriptions for all projects in a cost effective and efficient way, there are a few niches that we are unable to provide the free included AI generated descriptions for. These niches include:
– CBD/Marijuana (both medicinal and recreational content is prohibited)
– Unlawful or promoting unlawful activity
– Defamatory, discriminatory, or mean-spirited content, including references or commentary about religion, race, sexual orientation, gender, national/ethnic origin, or other targeted groups
– Adult Content, including Male Enhancement and Adult Entertainment industries
– Gambling/Casino/Payday Loans

Unfortunately, if your brand falls into any of the above categories, our team will need to use provided descriptions only.

I Manage my own Google business listing. DO I Need your services?

Bear in mind that harnessing the power of Google Maps Marketing extends far beyond the simple act of adding your business to Google Business listings. This initial step merely serves as the foundation, and a successful ascent to the pinnacle of brand visibility involves a multifaceted journey. When you partner with us, we commit to being your unwavering support, toiling tirelessly behind the scenes to propel your business to the summit. The landscape of Google is in a perpetual state of flux, with constant changes and improvements. It takes dedicated professionals, immersed in this ever-evolving realm day in and day out, to navigate these shifting dynamics effectively. Our team invests considerable effort in staying abreast of the latest trends and innovations in Google Maps Marketing and eagerly embraces every opportunity to put them into practice.

How can our service benefit your business?

Google Maps marketing is far more than simply adding your business listing to Google Business and hoping it will appear somewhere in search results. It’s a comprehensive approach designed to enhance your brand’s visibility, propel your business listing to the top ranks, drive increased traffic, and ultimately boost sales. Our commitment is unwavering: to ensure your business no longer lingers at the bottom of search listings, but instead, ascends to the peak.

Why Is SEO Considered Expensive?

 SEO services come at a premium due to their specialized nature, ongoing maintenance, and the need for expertise and significant time and effort. The long-term benefits make the cost worthwhile.

How Can I Determine If My SEO Company Is Performing Well?

Seven signs that your SEO efforts are effective include improving website health scores, increasing organic traffic, higher search engine rankings, longer visitor engagement, improved conversion rates, and gaining more referring domains.

From experience with hundreds of clients, and from what other SEO experts have said, SEO takes on average four to six months before the results begin. Some of our clients who have been online for a long time, collecting domain strength, have observed strong keyword rankings within as little as 8 weeks.

Is Local SEO a Valuable Investment?

On average, SEO takes four to six months to yield noticeable results. However, established websites with domain authority can experience strong keyword rankings in as little as eight weeks.

Is local SEO still relevant?

In today’s digital world, being seen online is like having a neon sign for your local business. It’s not just about having a website; it’s about showing up where your potential customers are searching. Local SEO is your secret weapon to unlock the doors of online success.

Will SEO exist in 10 years?

Yes, SEO will exist for the foreseeable future. Businesses rely on SEO to ensure their content appears in SERPs, even as algorithms and features adapt to users’ needs. This won’t change within the next handful of years

What's the Difference Between Local and Global SEO?

Local SEO targets specific geographic regions to reach local customers, while global SEO aims at targeting a broader international audience, focusing on keywords and traffic on a global scale.

Why does SEO cost money?

SEO is so expensive for three reasons: It takes time to show results, it requires a lot of resources to build and maintain a campaign, and it often relies on the expertise of an SEO specialist to develop and grow your strategy.

Does SEO Impact Google Maps Visibility?

Yes, Google Maps SEO is crucial for helping a business stand out among local competitors. Optimizing your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) can lead to higher rankings in Google Maps, increasing visibility among potential customers.

What is a custom signal, and what are the differences between the levels?

Our approach combines resource link building such as brand mentions and directory style listings with traditional outreach to niche blogs and websites.

You can expect a range of the following link types each month:

Outreach to Niche Blogs
Outreach to Authority Blogs
Outreach to State Blogs
Major business directories
State or Local business lists
PDF, Image, e-doc link building
Niche business directories
Web directories
Consumer Review link building
Article submission link building

The number of submitted signals will vary each month. Each niche, SERP, and location presents new link opportunities and it is impossible to predict with certainty how many live links we result. Each month you can expect Level 1 campaigns to get 15+ links, Level 2 to get 30+ links and Level 3 to get 45+ links. In addition, the report will include lists of paid and outreach opportunities.


** Once buildable signal opportunities run out, your Custom Signals campaign will be completed.


For More Information on Google Maps Marketing

You now know that Google Business SEO is important, so if you’re not on Google Maps or haven’t set up a business profile, you’re missing out.

We can help with Google Maps marketing and know that your business offers what other people need. However, they can’t find you without appropriate map SEO. Google My Business provides the business information to others in the local 3-packs.

It isn’t a new form of local SEO, but more and more people are turning to Google Maps to promote their brands. Without appropriate Google Maps marketing from our business optimization service, you’re missing opportunities to connect with people right as they need your help.

Overall, Google Maps SEO is something everyone needs. While store signage and other details are crucial, you can’t bring people to your business if they can’t find you online. SEO for Google My Business is all we do.

Please consider our business optimization service. Google Maps SEO is important for better visibility, improved customer actions, and getting you noticed. Please call for an appointment to get started today! 

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